Meet the Cast

The Main Characters

Name: Micah Stillwater
Age: 40
Birthday: June 27 ♋
Race: Half human, half Fae
Height: 5'11"
Orientation: bisexual
Favorite beverage: coffee

Micah has an easygoing temperament, nonexistent self-confidence due to growing up in an abusive environment, and a generous spirit. 
Name: Andrew Vidasche
Age: 32
Birthday: September 18 ♍
Race: Human
Height: 6'2"
Orientation: gay
Favorite beverage: herbal tea

Andrew is a reserved, intellectual man who emigrated from England at 12. While he prefers a quiet night in, he has a dangerous side.
Name: Ingrid
Age: I dare you to ask her
Birthday: April 8 ♈
Race: Fae
Height: 6'0"
Orientation: aro/ace spectrum
Favorite beverage: red wine

Ingrid is a complex woman who lived among a savage and vicious kingdom of Folk before coming to Minnesota with Micah, her half-brother whom she treats like her own child. She is dangerous, serious, and sort of awkward.

Name: Chamomile
Age: As old as the lilies
Birthday: December 2 ♐
Race: Fae (Goblin)
Height: 4'8"
Orientation: pansexual & polyamorous
Favorite beverage: gin

Chamomile is feminine, unhinged, skilled, and full of secret knowledge. She has been in Lilydale since time immemorial, but she'd rather not be responsible for the Folk living there.
Ingrid gazes thoughtfully into the sky. Chamomile devours the donut she deserves. Micah gazes adoringly at Andrew, who is contemplating his changing feelings for the Folk. Arwen hangs out by his arm while Fadil eyeballs everybody from the ground. This magical roadtrip sets the stage for this imposing quartet to grow together throughout the trilogy.

Other characters

Name: Julian Stillwater
Age: 62
Birthday: He doesn't know
Race: Human (Pakistani)
Height: 5'9"
Orientation: Heterosexual/Ace spectrum
Favorite beverage: chai

Micah's father Julian was on a hiking trip with his friends at 18 when he was stolen by the Redwood Queen and imprisoned. In Minnesota, Julian struggles with trauma-related mental health crises and addiction issues. He tends toward crass and brash, although he does his best to support Micah however he can.
Name: Sam Larson
Age: 24
Birthday: February 4
Orientation: Heterosexual, transgender
Height: 5'4"
Favorite beverage: Matcha

Sam is hired on as Andrew's shop assistant and moves up to be a programmer and co-owner of Magic's Computer Repair as the trilogy progresses. He's kind, loyal, and cheerful, but steers clear of the magical happenings in Andrew's life after accidentally winding up in Lilydale once.
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