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Check out the MPR article covering 6 local romance authors and their thoughts on Minnesota – including me!

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Deny Me, Nightshade Boy is a lush, delightfully queer take on modern fae fantasy. Fans of romance and the capricious nature of faeries will be swept up in the story of Andrew and Micah as they stumble into love, magic, and a fight for their future together. I devoured this book in a day and can’t wait for more from the boys and their human (and not-so-human) friends.

RK Ashwick, author of A Rival Most Vial and The Stray Spirit

 It’s my favorite kind of cozy fantasy that’s got some twists and turns, but at the center is a super sweet romance with great communication and some steamy moments, too.

It’s also a beautifully descriptive story with lots of nature, memorable side characters, cats, and fae magic.

S.O. Callahan, author of Breezespells and Bridegrooms

The prose is not only rich with beautifully written metaphors, but feels very visual. Descriptions are vivid and, with character appearance, brought up frequently enough to paint a clear picture as you read. This is also aided by the artwork the author has made. It’s obvious that this is a work of love and that shows through in a tangible way.

CJ Aralore, author of Gravity’s Fire

There’s something in this story that is wild and magical that speaks to a life beyond that of human memory. It left me yearning in a way a story hasn’t in a long time. And the blossoming romance between Andrew and Micah is gorgeous.

Sebrina Eden

I absolutely adored this cute, queer novel. Andrew and Micah felt like old friends by the time I was finished and I just wanted to continue to follow along with them on their journey through the rest of their lives together. I loved watching their relationship grow and how fiercely they grew to care for each other and defend each other.

Goodreads review

This book, THIS FREAKING BOOK, has left me crying, kicking my feet. Mary’s writing is really a delight.

Goodreads review

 I loved the characters and how well done they were! Intriguing and enjoyable! Also loved the fast pace, couldn’t put it down! Not to mention the pictures a delightful addition! Recommend checking this one out!

Goodreads review
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