Blurb book out and formatting done for now!

I just sent my book link to RK ASHWICK of A RIVAL MOST VIAL fame and I am PUMPED. THE HECK. UP.

I’ve also concluded a 48 hour fight with my manuscript in Atticus and promptly backed the fuck off to stop messing with it in hopes that I can settle in and focus on getting ARCs out and setting up my newsletter.

I’m about to set up a proof cover so I can order my proof through Amazon too AND THAT’S SICK OMG wahhhh

That’s about it.

Oh yeah! I signed up to collaborate with Gay Romance Reviews and immediately after sending them my ARC draft found a bunch of backward quotations and emailed the point person asking about sending out a revised edition. She brought it to my attention that my illustrations brought my ebook size to 15MB and the average ebook should be between 1 and 3MB HAHA. I’ve come full circle. A decade ago I found out that all the drawings I’d did were too small to print, and now I’m finding my print-sized drawings are too big for digital I’m dead. Anyway, I scaled down the illustrations with seemingly no consequence (yet) and pulled the character profiles, deciding I could send them out as newsletter exclusives (or put them on here, depending on how they end up looking).

All right now that’s really it. Time to relax a bit.

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